Javascript Animation, Pt. 1

So I've been getting into animation and I thought I would share some of the libraries that I've found interesting. Once I start getting deeper into some of them I'll post my work.

In no particular order:

  1. Snap.svg
    This library is all SVG, all the time. It's from the creator of raphael.js and while I love the site, I find the documentation lacking.

  2. SVG.js
    Very similar to Snap.svg but with better documentation. It's small (11kb) and has various plugins you can add.

  3. Paper.js
    One of the more impressive libraries that I've seen. It has some great demo's and is very performant. It does use a slightly modified javascript syntax that they call paperscript so keep that in mind. If you want to jump through a few extra hoops you can use plain JS so, yep.

  4. Velocity.js
    Awesome. It just might be my favorite on the list. It has clean syntax, awesome performance, can be used with or without JQuery, and has support back to IE8. For what it's worth, it's also used by Tumblr & Mailchimp.

  5. GSAP
    Compatible all the way back to IE6. Plays well with other libraries, no JQuery needed. It's a pretty complete package and this is probably the library (along with velocity.js) that I'll be using to start out with.

  6. CreateJS
    This is actually a collection of libraries for animation, canvas, audio, etc. Sponsored by Adobe and is actually the HTML5 wrapper/library for the new FlashCC. Yes, Flash now can make HTML5 things and even exports to google's new language: Dart. Will I use Flash? Nope, but at least they're trying.

I'll be posting some of my animation work soon. Until then, take a look at some of these libraries and make something. Ping me if you know of an interesting library or have made something with these. Cheers.